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Fit-for-purpose technology solutions for risk management, capital requirements and compliance.

We design the right solution for the problem faced by the institution by using existing and new technologies to ensure the benefit is obtained in a cost-effective way. Our solutions are scalable, efficient and simple, facilitating knowledge transfer to internal teams and empowering them for further extensions to the solution.

The solutions provided are:

    • A platform of integration services, TEGRA®, specially designed for managing and controlling risk and capital calculation end-to-end processes, with functionality that empowers expert users while addressing aggregation and risk reporting capabilities (BCBS 239) and audit controls, among other;
    • A bundle solution that integrates TEGRA® with (or includes) third party tools like pricing calculation engines, scenario generation engines or governance tools, including IBM Risk Analytics, QuantLib and Open Risk Engine; and
    • A stand-alone component designed and developed to resolve a specific need.

Integration platform for Risk and Capital solutions

Our solution enables accelerated implementation and integration of third party calculation engines or open source components, with clients’ in-house engines and data sources.

TEGRA® is a modular integration platform that efficiently uses existing and new technology to combine data from internal and external sources with expert-user parameters for multiple analytical purposes. This is done through in-memory data fabrication and innovative data storage of a semantic layer (patent-in-process).

TEGRA® can be bundled with third party or open source pricing/simulation engines to produce enterprise risk solutions, capital optimisation solutions, or regulatory reporting frameworks.

IBM Software

Rhisco® has an alliance with IBM and is a certified reseller for Risk & Compliance solutions. With significant experience delivering implementation projects on IBM’s software, Rhisco® can distribute the licenses and deliver the risk, governance and compliance solution that your institution needs.

IBM’s portfolio of solutions cover a wide range of products addressing most of risk and compliance requirements in financial institutions and corporates, including financial risks, credit administration, operational risks, and technology risk.

Also, combined with IBM’s artificial intelligence product, Watson, risk analytics acquires a new dimension allowing for industry solutions that incorporate cognitive solutions.

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